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Our collaborative are involved in a number of research projects ranging from observational studies to clinical trials. Below you will find details of these and links to further information.


REVOLUTION - Routine Evaluation of People Living with Cancer - Body Composition, Physical Function, Systemic Inflammatory Response, Quality of Life and Symptoms. 

This is a prospective observational trial with the aim of developing a cohesive biorepository of clinical, biological, radiological and genomic data in people who have cancer. Currently this study is in it's feasibility phase and is recruiting from St Columba's Hospice Care (Edinburgh) and the Edinburgh Cancer Centre.

Further details are available here:


CARES - Cancer Appetite Recovery Study

This is a phase 1 clinical trial of an oral cannabinoid for the treatment of cancer related loss of appetite. It is currently open for recruitment in the Edinburgh Cancer Centre, Imperial College London and the Royal Marsden Hospital.


For further details contact:


ENERGY - Exercise and Nutrition based rehabilitation in people with incurable cancer. 

This is a phase 2 trial of a personalised exercise and nutrition intervention, versus standard care in people living with incurable cancer. It has closed to recruitment and the trial protocol is available here


MENAC - Multimodal Exercise Nutrition and Anti-inflammatory medication for cachexia in patients undergoing systemic anti-cancer therapy for lung or pancreatic cancer. 

This is a phase 3 clinical trial and is currently open in the following centres in the UK - Edinburgh Cancer Centre, Forth Valley Royal Hospital and NHS Fife. It is also recruiting in Canada, USA and Norway. The preceding phase 2 trial results are available here and the trial protocol is available here

For further details contact:

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